Thursday, November 12, 2015

Experimental Water Distillation

An experimental way to make water safe and clean, remove chemicals by steam distilling!

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Derek Cross educating about Industrial Hemp! #Hemp #HempEducation

Industrial hemp farming is coming to a field near you! Industrial hemp is one of the most sustainable crops on the planet.  This is my reply to a challenge from Diana Sunshine Wulf. Thank you for the challenge! HEMP SOLUTIONS USA HEMP SOLUTIONS TEXAS Hemp Healthy Today​ Hemp360​ Vital Hemp​ Good Seed​ Hemp Shield​ Minawear Hemp Lounge​#HempSolutions #HempProducts #Hemptober #hempshield #Hemp360 #VitalHemp #HempFarming #Hurd #HempToday #Hempsters  #ColoradoHempCompany  #TreeFreeHemp #hempfiber #hempinsulation #HempSeed #industry #hempfuel #education #hempprotein #Nutrition #Wellness #health #sustainable #construction #hempfiberboard #carbon #cannabagchallenge

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hemp Workshop Grand Rapids 09 19 2015

Footage from the Hemp Workshop in Grand Rapids, MI last weekend. What a great time it was! Glad to see such an amazing turnout. 8 States were represented at the workshop.

Get your tickets today for the Nebraska workshop today.
Happening October 3rd in Lincoln. Tickets are only $150 per person and on sale at:


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"In Hemp We Trust" - Media/News HEMP SOLUTIONS Helps Bring Back the "Billion Dollar Crop"


Press Release – July 14, 2015

Hemp Solutions helps bring back the “Billion Dollar Crop”

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Amidst a daily barrage of bad news for the environment, U.S farming, and a still shaky job market, one start-up company is ushering in big change and good news. Hemp Solutions USA officially launches this week. As a raw materials provider of industrial hemp, this company plans to lead the way in the sustainable goods marketplace.
“If you can make it from wood, cotton, plastic, concrete, metal—just about anything—you can probably make it from hemp,” says James Novak, one of Hemp Solutions’ four founding members. “And cultivation not only doesn’t harm the environment and economy, but actually helps it. That’s why our slogan is From the farm, not the forest.” He explains, for example, that one acre of industrial hemp produces four times as much raw material as one acre of trees. Hemp is carbon neutral and removes more carbon dioxide than any other plant. It requires less water than cotton and no pesticides.
Goods made from hemp—including the nutritious seeds and oil—are legal in all 50 states, but the actual farming of this versatile crop is legal in only 23 states, most strictly for research purposes. Hemp has been grown worldwide for thousands of years. It has over 25,000 uses, and none of them have to do with THC. While hemp is a cousin of marijuana, the plant does not bud and has no psychoactive effect.
Although hemp was outlawed in 1937, a 1938 article in Popular Mechanics magazine called hemp “The Billion Dollar Crop” due to its vast applications.
Hemp Solutions launches with a variety of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable products:
Hemp Hurd—for use in large or small animal bedding and construction materials.
Hemp Fiber Grow Mats—multiple sizes for growing micro greens in a natural fiber instead of a petroleum-based/plastic/rubber medium.
Hemp Insulation – Earth-friendly insulation material for construction.
Hemp Tree Disks—for insulation and protection of trees, shrubs, and other plants.
Hemp Tea Blends—Delicious Hemp Infused Premium Teas
While Hemp Solutions has to import most of its raw material for now, as a member of the HIA (Hemp Industries Association), the company looks forward to further supporting local farmers and providing more jobs as hemp legislation continues to change in favor of domestic cultivation. Already, many of the company’s finished products are produced in the U.S. Consumers can shop online, but the company uses its site ( for Education and Community Outreach, as well.
For information contact


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Texas looking to Industrial Hemp for Solutions in Agriculture! 3-18-2015 Texas House Ag. Committee Hearing


Please take a moment and listen to the Testimony yesterday on HB-557 & HB-1322 for Industrial Hemp Farming in front of the State of Texas Agriculture Committee in Austin, Texas. Very welcomed by committee members, and good vibes! Thank you to the members of the TXHIA for the hard work on these bills and thank you Representative Joe Farais for filing these bills! Let's Grow Industrial Hemp Texas!


Derek Cross of  Hemp Solutions and Members of the TXHIA, Christopher Brown, Coleman Hemphill and Sheila Hemphill giving testimony in Austin, Texas to Grow Industrial Hemp In Texas

Industrial Hemp is a Dual purpose crop that provides food, fuel, fibre and many other products.

Industrial Hemp will provide jobs, and help the environment as it grows naturally without the use of pesticides.

Derek Cross of  Hemp Solutions,, is a Raw Hemp Materials Provider- Hemp Hurd & Hemp Fibre. Hemp Solutions is looking to establish large commercial hemp farming, future processing / manufacturing jobs for the state of Texas!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Texas State representative files bill to legalize hemp for research/ Hemp Solutions would like to call Texas their, "Hemp-Quarters" to provide processing, jobs and to give Texas farmers another healthier crop choice.

Hemp Solution's Director, Derek Cross, along with TXHIA, went to meet with State Representatives in Austin, TX on Feb.19, 2015. State Representative, Joe Farias from District 118 supports Industrial Hemp for Texas! Big things are on the way for America and Hemp Solutions is here to make it happen.

Hemp Solutions, is a Supplier of  Raw Hemp Materials (hemp hurd/shiv, Fibre, Insulation) for HempCrete Homes, Animal Bedding, Construction Materials, Insulation, and Raw Hemp Fibre to mention a few.  Hemp Solutions would like to call Texas their "Hemp-Quarters" to provide processing, jobs and to give Texas farmers another healthier crop choice aiding in better soil qualities, lessening water consumption a simple solution to erosion. Industrial hemp is known to be a drought resistant crop, and can actually survive a light frost.

Derek Cross and his partner in Colorado are Industrial Hemp Farmers and working on educating others who are interested in growing this vital crop.  If you are interested in bulk raw hemp materials, send Hemp Solutions an email:, or The website is:

HB 557 – places a University as lead for the research of industrial hemp pilot project as authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill.
HB 1322 – placed TDA as lead for the cultivation of industrial hemp pilot project as authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill.
Contact the Texas Department of Agriculture today and let them know we need this crop and the jobs it will bring!
Visit our Website for more information about Hemp Farming & Laws in your State -

State representative files bill to legalize hemp for research

SAN ANTONIO -- A state representative from San Antonio filed a bill to legalize hemp for research purposes.

Representative Joe Farias says the U.S. is currently the worlds' number one importer of hemp but is the only industrialized country that does not allow domestic hemp production. Hemp is used in food, clothing, oils and plastics.
Right now, hemp is considered a schedule one substance under federal law, which means it's a substance that has no accepted medical use.

San Antonio rep files bill to legalize hemp
Farias says his bill permits state universities to research how to grow the hemp. He says unlike marijuana, hemp produces low amounts of THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that gets you high.
"If you want to get a high off of one of these, you have to smoke a joint the size of a telephone poll within 15 minutes," said Farias.
Farias says roughly 20 states are already in the process of legalizing hemp. He says he's already received support from the farming community in Texas should his bill move forward.

Derek Cross, Coleman Hemphill, Sheila Rice Hemphill, Henry Valles and Christopher Brown at Texas State Capitol.