Thursday, March 16, 2017

Natural Healing Balm- Formulations by Nature

Dry Skin & Eczema Relief is: "The Why"- Formulations by Nature was created!

Welcome to Formulations by Nature!

After years of suffering from DRY Skin & Eczema  and getting NO relief!  I was using over the counter soaps, lotions and creams that never seemed to work, only cover and coat, sometimes making conditions worse... After years of searching, my team finally formulated a safe, non toxic, chemical free, paraben free formulation utilizing ONLY nature!

Our focus is health & wellness!  Nature really does provide and we want to bring you and your family just that.  We work hard with others to make sure the products we formulate are just RIGHT, and will never settle for anything nature doesn't provide.

We want to make the change needed in the world for a healthier living and a healthier environment.

Highest Regards,

Formulations by Nature Team