Thursday, November 1, 2012

Grow Up America~ Let's Grow Hemp For Goodness

If America is such a Moralistic Society,(church going folk), Maybe us fellow Americans should understand God the Creator made all life including all PLANT MATTER... Who Trumps God?
America Needs to hear from all of our Families and Friends...
that this plant has been a healing plant put here for a reason. Other countries seem to understand the uses, our country forgot what cannabis hemp is because a few select people wanted it banned. I talk to so many people about the use of Hemp, and after our conversation, I always hear this: " I Never Knew!" I love educating people about the use of Hemp everyday.
H)elp E)ducate M)ore P)eople It is my life long dream to inform people, When people are getting Cancer here in America more than anywhere else, doesn't that tell you some thing? Please Wake Up America, Our government is acting like a child, Grow up America!

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