Sunday, November 11, 2012

Phoenix Tears~ Tesimonial page ~ SKIN CANCER

I have been treating basal cell carcinoma,(skin cancer) with cannabis oil. The Veterans Medical Center Dermatology clinic was told before I started treatment, what I was going to do. I started treating two lesions on my forehead on 6/22/08. I went to the VA today at their request. THEY had made an appointment for me. This appointment was for the sole purpose of examining the two lesions I had treated. Two doctors examined me. They both said the same thing. The upper lesion still needed more treatment. This confirmed what I already knew. They both agreed that the lower lesion had been cured. One doctor said that he would not have ordered a biopsy on the lower lesion, because there appeared to be NO reason to do so. NO CANCER PRESENT. This is to me federal confirmation that cannabis does indeed have medical value. Both of these lesions had been biopsied, and diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma before I started my treatment.–J.S. TX


  1. I too have been diagnosed with BCC and I want to know how to apply the oil and for how long. Do you put it on the skin then cover it with a bandage? If so, how long do you leave it on, 24/7 or do you only do it at night? However many hours per day you keep it on, for how many days must you do this?

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