Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hemp Healthy Cooking: Hemp For Breakfast

It's official folks, As you may already know, I am a Hemp~O~holic, I just love the Health Benefits of Hemp, So other than just eating Hemp right from the bag and oil right out of the bottle (And there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT) I have finally published my first ecookbook of a small series of Hemp Healthy Cooking: Hemp For Breakfast. Next will come Hemp Healthy Cooking: Hemp For Lunch... Please enjoy these awsome recipes! They will leave you wanting more!
Hemp Is a super food and I have seen the change on my own skin and also with my weight! You can click on the link to the right of my blog, Or down below, please come and check it out, I want to also give a shout out to my friends www.bakespace.com  and also I love www.hippiebutter.com, I cant forget my friends at www.hempfood.ca  Once again I thank you, and I hope you enjoy! Please look for more delicious recipes to come.



  1. Sign the petition to make hemp legal to grow in the US - www.minawear.com/about-us -
    more info too at www.hempforvictory.blogspot.com
    Let's get all Congressmen lobbied to do the right thing - also contact journalists to do an article on this petition.

  2. That is one cool site - Minawear.com has press, celbrities, and a cool blog from Mina Hegaard, links to the hemp world,
    etc. She is gonna rock the hemp world 2013!

  3. What I liked about her site is it is balanced, she has been in biz for over a decade and has gathered quite a following in the hemp world...Christian Slayter, Woody Harrelson wearing her designs, this is what we need in the hemp world, and real support from serious politicians like Cynthia McKinney -
    I see great things for hemp in 2013.