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Hemp Water

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Hemp Water Can Save Lives

Hemp Water
Just a quick note about Hemp Water and how it can save lives. Hemp seeds are considered a super food and cultures across the globe have been using Hemp Seeds nutritionally and medically for 1,000′s of years.
Recently clinical studies have indicated the nutrients contained in Hemp Seeds have had a visible affect on cholesterol, blood pressure, and even cancer cells. Drinking Hemp Water offers the same properties as the Hemp Seeds by them self but in an all natural drinking water.
Here is an excerpt we found very useful on another website:
Hemp Compared to Other Foods
  • Contains more required amino acids (proteins) than milk, meat or eggs.
  • Is a complete protein source–much more balanced & digestible than Soy products.
  • Contains about 47% oil, 78% of which is omega 3 & 6–the essential fats.
  • Contains all the essential or omega fats required for human health.
  • Contains several times more omega 3 essential fat than any fish.
  • Provides more energy than energy bars–without their sugar and with less saturated fat.
  • Is suitable for those unable to eat gluten, sugar, milk, nuts & meat. Is perfect for those troubled with constipation and for those avoiding carbohydrates.
Benefits of Consuming Hemp
  • Lower blood LDL cholesterol levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve cardiovascular circulation & function
  • Improve organ function
  • Improve immunity levels
  • Increased energy levels & metabolic rate
  • Reduce symptoms of PMS & menstrual cramps
  • Reduce inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis
  • Improve recovery of muscles after exercise
  • Reduce & treat dry skin and hair conditions
  • Reduction of many degenerative diseases through preventative measures
Now imagine your natural spring water infused with Hemp Seed to provide all these wonderful healthy and healing properties. Makes Vitamin Water sound not so healthy after all does it? In fact because this is pure drinking water there are no additives, no fillers, 100% Gluten free, kosher, raw, vegan, and contains zero sugars or sweeteners. Now when you see all those soccer moms drinkning coconut water you can tell then get on the Hemp Water and really boost their workouts.

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