Thursday, April 11, 2013

Organic Hemp Protein Powder Benefits


Top 6 Benefits Of Hemp Protein Powder Supplements

  • Hemp cleanses the liver by burning fat!

  • Organic hemp is very environmentally friendly since it is grown without pesticides and herbacides. That is very good for not just the environment, but for your health as well.

  • Organic hemp protein powder is a whole food source. It has the optimal balance of the Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids. It is also very rich in fiber, complete protein and branch chain amino acids

  • For those who are doing high explosive training, endurance athletes or bodybuilders, organic hemp protein powder is also the best protein powder available - even better than whey. Hemp protein gets absorbed faster than any other protein and 15g of organic hemp protein powder is more anabolic than 50g whey, since 2/3 of it is made up of Edestrin - a plant protein only found in Hemp similar to protein found in the human body. That makes it perfect for DNA and cellular growth. It also makes it easily digested, so you wont make those awfully smelly protein farts, like you do when you drink whey protein powder.

  • Organic hemp protein powder protects you against chronic diseases. It is one of the few food sources which contains GLA! So do not let the high amount of fat scare you away. It is the good fat - you need that for your skin, hair, eyes, nails - and cells in general.

  • Organic hemp protein powder has a delicious nutty flavour, so no artificial sweetener is needed and it does not contain any preservatives.


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