Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grabing Prohibition by the Horns in Texas / 2013 Texas Regional NORML Conference

  I would like to Thank, DFW Norml for the Great Honor to be able to Speak and hold a Hemp Cooking Workshop!!!  
  I will be speaking about Industrial Hemp, and also Hemp Healthy Cooking!  It will Be Packed with Information!
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Hemp Healthy Today, is a Proud Sponsor!  Stop in and say Howdy, and let me know how you are, "Grabbing Prohibition by the Horns"!
Have a Hemp Healthy Day,
Derek Cross
  It’s high time Texas grabbed prohibition by the horns! DFW NORML proudly presents the Texas Regional NORML Conference in downtown Fort Worth from June 7 – 9.

This historic event includes over a dozen speakers such as Keith Stroup, founder of
NORML, expert cultivation and concentrate tips, medicinal alternatives to smoking, an exclusive screening of the new documentary American Drug War 2 - Cannabis Destiny, patient testimonials, a hemp fashion show, reception and live art show, two after parties, vendors, prizes and more than a few surprises.

The primary goals for the Texas Regional NORML Conference are:

1.) Give Texans an honest, entertaining and interactive cannabis education.

2.) Showcase the strength of the Texas effort to end prohibition.

3.) Call all Texans to action because now is the time to get involved!

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