Friday, May 3, 2013

Industrial Hemp Back in Americas Soil Once Again, Thank You Hemp Cleans!

The Colorado industrial hemp regulations bill, SB13-241, has passed the House appropriations unanimously. On to the House floor and it should go to the Governors Desk!

So, as of today...
Senate Ag Committee: Passed Unanimously
Senate Appropriations Passed Unanimously
Senate Floor: Passed Uncontested
House Ag Committee: Passed Unanimously
House Appropriations: Passed Unanimously
House Floor: NEXT STEP

Hemp Cleans And it passed on the House floor today. They brought the bill up on Special Orders.
Derek Cross Great work you have done for this country! Thank you!

Jason Lauve YEAH HOOO!!!!

Lannette J Johnson you, Jason. From reluctant activist to a true political mover 'n shaker. Keep up the good work, my friend!

Derek Cross Ten acre test crops? Or more?

Hemp Cleans R&D up to ten acres, commercial is open to the ag regulations next year and I have a feeling it will be unbounded, but need GeoFencing (GPS coordinates of the field). IT IS ALL GREAT!!

Derek Cross Will there be a limited amount of plots?

Hemp Cleans The original intent of the bill stayed intact and has always been a gift for our children's children. I thought about what I can do to benefit seven generations from now and beyond, here it is, industrial hemp to change the face of American farming and sustainability!

I LOVE YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!!! (even the nay sayers, you made me work harder.)

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