Friday, July 19, 2013

Derek Cross of Hemp Healthy Today Speaks at #DFWNormlCon

  America needs this Vital Crop for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE!
Please share with your friends, lets (Help Educate More People). The environment can heal when we apply the right methods, and make the changes for humanity!

  I would like to thank, DFW NORML and the other Cannabis Organizations out Educating the public about this versatile Crop: Medicine, Fuel, Fiber, and Food.

  I am amazed at how many people I come in contact with that are unaware of all the beneficial wonders this PLANT has to offer.  I have been Educating ALL Ages of people about the Economic impact as well as the  Environmental issues Industrial Hemp has to offer.

  I urge the Farmers of America to Bring Hemp back to our fields once again, by contacting their Representatives and Congressman!  

Please, Be Hemp Healthy Today with me. Let's make the difference Today for the Future of Tomorrow!

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