Monday, September 30, 2013

Historical Hemp Harvest to Take Place October 2013 in America

Industrial Hemp 2013
Colorado, USA
This is an HISTORIC EVENT in America! Come pick hemp on 10/5-6. 23256 Springfield CO 81073. Being friends. There will be food, water, hard work and a limited edition t shirts. Bring your tents and gloves. I Can't Wait!

FYI. There are several reasons for hand harvesting this historical hemp crop. I was advised to plant at a certain density by Anndrea Herman. With a less dense... seed production planting. I had an evasive crop of Foxtail grass move in. Combine no like. So we hand pick this first American hemp crop in 60 years. This will allow us to utilize the entire plant. If I use a combine I loose all the stalk. This way I can harvest seeds and fiber. Mostly the Hurd this year. I can then go in later and bale all the Foxtail to a friends cows for a portion of the up coming winter. Come camp and pick hemp. 23256 US Hwy 160 Springfield CO 81073. 10/5-6/2013. Thanks Ryan Loflin RMH
More Photos Later!

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