Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Colorado Leading the Nation in Industrial Hemp Seed 2014 : Grow Hemp Colorado is the Nations 1st. Industrial Hemp Seed Provider

Origin: Colorado, Doesn't get much more Historical than That! This is an Amazing Event in America, just getting ready to map the process for American Hemp! Priceless!

  With all of the Nation focusing on Colorado's, "New Recreation Marijuana Laws", American's ALSO Need to be informed about Industrial Hemp in Colorado.  This means BIG Industry for Colorado!!!  With over 50,000 Uses of Industrial Hemp, It takes an Extremely Large Amount of Hemp Seed to get Started.
  Grow Hemp Colorado, has become the First in Industrial Hemp Seed Providers within the State of Colorado and not to mention the United States, lead by, Veronica Carpio.  She is a Pioneer in the Colorado Industrial Hemp Movement.

Photo: CONGRATULATIONS, Veronica Carpio, on Becoming the First licensed Hemp Seed Provider in Colorado!!  WooHoo
(CONGRATULATIONS, Veronica Carpio, on Becoming the First licensed Hemp Seed Provider in Colorado!!)

Hemp Seed & Plants

Hemp Seed is the Super Food Seed with a multitude of various uses. Hemp, before prohibition was use for many common products such as rope, fabric, paper, canvas, etc. Due to prohibition, only non viable hemp seeds could be exported from places like Canada, Chine, Europe etc. Thanks to the legalization of hemp in Colorado and other states, soon decriminalization on a federal level, the industry can again emerge.
Seed is the key....available seed is a rare commodity in America but it is the essential building block to the foundation of a new industry. Unfortunately due to existing international, federal and interstate issues, the State of Colorado hands are tied in helping import hemp seed. Fortunately, there are a handful of individuals in Colorado that have various strains of viable hemp seeds. is a resource which can help any individual, farmer, business, or other interested party get connected with Colorado hemp seeds and plants. Suppliers & or resellers of Colorado hemp seed must be registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE NOW - Because seed is critical for the 2014 Colorado Hemp growing season, we are looking for interested parties who have locations which indoor efforts can be done to ensure additional seed by March 2014. These efforts must start immediately, in addition to mother plants being grown and cuttings from those plants also need to began getting ready for those who intend on applying for a Hemp Farming or Research & Development License from the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
It is more then possible for Colorado citizens to work together and ensure that we have a good year of planting, harvesting, testing, research, development and overall beginning view of that what the end result of a season looks like on a larger scale. The goal is at least 200K+ plants cuttings to be rooted and ready for planting by March.
Grow Hemp Colorado is offering seed at 50% off for any of those who would like to collaborate in cultivating seed at your location as well as grow mother plants which can be cloned.  In return Grow Hemp Colorado is asking for 50-50 share on both the seed harvest and rooted clones. Please contact Veronica at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 20.401.5609 to start participating today.
We are also looking for land which can be leased for a reasonable price and or donated for the first year, so interested parties who get licensed for farming and R&D in March 2014 can have a co-op location to share. Please contact us directly to discuss further if you are a interested land owner or investor. Grow Hemp Colorado is making all efforts to secure an number of these shared locations through out Colorado and as we make head way, we will post updates on this page and send email notifications, please be sure that are subscribed to our newsletter/email updates.
Please note: The Colorado Dept of Ag. is well aware of our ongoing efforts to accumulate/cultivate seed for the 2014 season and so far is in support of these efforts so far. They are the best government body we have ever worked with!



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