Sunday, March 2, 2014

Boulder Hemp Meeting-Part 2 3/1/2014 hosted by, Grow Hemp Colorado and Colorado Hemp Coffee

                          "GROW BIG HEMP COLORADO"
 by, Derek Cross

  As, America Revisits the long lost Hemp Industry, its only right to start the Journey with all kinds of questions.  In Boulder, Colorado on March 1, 2014, hosted by, Coloradan Native, Veronica Carpio,  and held this "Epic" meeting in the Canyon Theater in Boulder. 

  Braving the snow, showing up from states away, around 200 interested farmers, locals, plus film crews and other journalists came to listen and question the distinguished panel, Boulder County DA, Stan Garnett, Colorado Department of Agriculture, Laura Pottorff, Enviro Textiles, Summer Star,, The Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative w/CU Boulder, Ben Holmes, Hemp Consultant, Team Hemp House Creator and Author of the Hemp Bill in Colorado, Jason Lauve, Author, Doug Fine, with his new book, "Hemp Bound" being released soon and Hemp Lobbyist, Samantha Walsh.
A Special Thank you to Dr. Bronners Soap, Evo Hemp, and the many others who helped make this meeting a success.
                                                            Doug Fine & Veronica Carpio
  Colorado is the First to state to have Planted the Seed starting with Ryan Loflin last year, it takes men and women that believe in this plant and see the Value Industrial Hemp brings to the Table.  The thousands of uses and health benefits that Industrial Hemp has to Offer in my opinion makes this crop more Valuable than Gold, this is the new, "GREENGOLD," taking place currently in the United States.  As of March 1, 2014 The Colorado Department of Agriculture was allowed to hand out R&D, and Commercial Farming Licenses. Industrial Hemp will take a little time to get started seeing we need to have processing and mills established, but this will not hold back the farmers.  Now, that the farm bill has passed and allows Industrial Hemp to Be grown in 10 States this year should peak investors interest. 
                                                      Boulder County DA, Stan Garnett
  All of us, "Hempsters," have been out educating others, and this Meeting did just that, I hope that the other states follow Colorado and do the same thing, these public meetings really bring people together, I should say, "Hemp is Bringing People Together. " Once again I would  like to personally thank Veronica Carpio for her Hard work and dedication, she did a Heck of a job!  I am glad to have made the trip to help out for this meeting and treasure everyone I met, I look forward to working with more of you in the future!

Have A Hemp Healthy Day,

  "My Passion for the Industrial Hemp Plant is Never ENDING, and My life long Goal is to Educate the Masses about Medicinal Cannabis. My Heart will always be filled with, ONE LOVE and Compassion for Patients."

  (Hemp Advocate, Hemp Chef, Hemp Author, Hemp+ CEO, Hemp related products Promoter and Provider)

 Derek Cross /  "Part of the Solution"

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