Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Health Benefits of Drinking Hemp Tea- Colorado Hemp Tea is the Healthier Beverage Choice!

                  Colorado Hemp Tea benefits 


Hemp leaves have a similar phenolic profile as green tea plus elemental nutrients such as magnesium and iron. Hemp Tea also contains useful CBN and CBD, a non-psychoactive Cannabinoid, which are also present in cannabis.

Tea is an ancient drink originating... in Asia. Most alternative foods and medicines are not immediately accepted by the medical community as being valid, and there has been debate regarding the benefits of their uses. Hemp tea has not escaped this alternative stigma, but many others swear by its ability to improve digestion, lower blood pressure and increase energy. Additionally, hemp tea has been linked to weight loss, blood sugar control and the lowering of cholesterol. Results have been known to vary from individual to individual, adding to the complicated debate between believers and skeptics.

Teas have been used for thousands of years for medicinal and social purposes, originating in the eastern hemisphere and gaining popularity in the west. Although disputes over the benefits of teas will likely continue until conclusive evidence presents itself, few tea enthusiasts would argue that a hot cup of tea is an enjoyable way to bring people together and ease the mind. Hemp tea is a unique form of this traditional beverage, but when consumed with ingredients that make it personally enjoyable, it can a great social medium to bring people together in a natural and healthy way. Order Today!!!

Colorado Hemp Tea has that subtle smokey flavor that makes you go Ummmm!!!

(Colorado Hemp Tea Co-Founder, Derek Cross pictured with Caren Kershner from Colorado Industrial Hemp Coalition Harvesting at the Loflin Farms in Springfield, CO 2014)

(Colorado Hemp Tea is Hand Picked and Processed for Supreme Quality Taste and Flavor, Grown Commercially in Colorado and contains No THC.)
(Harvest Time)

This is the root of the Industrial Hemp Plant harvested in Boulder, CO. Industrial Hemp uses less water to grow, while holding the soil in place adding vital nutrients to the soil with out apply nasty pesticides. Time to treat the soil right. Texas, Oklahoma, Dust-Bowls can be pr...evented if we take the measures to hold the soil in place. Industrial Hemp grows between 90-120 days and produces 2-4x's more fiber than cotton, it is the Strongest Fiber known to man! Hemp is a great for soil Phytoremediation #Phytoremediation #Hemp #Texas #Oklahoma #HempFarming #Soil #HempRoot #Earth #Colorado #SoilErosion #Clean #TheTimeIsNow #ColoradoHempTea /// Industrial Hemp Root, harvested Oct. 7, 2014 after the 2014 Hemp Awards & Festival in Boulder Colorado, Hosted by!

When you purchase Colorado Hemp Tea, you know you are supporting local American farmers bringing back Hemp.  We Thank you for your Support!

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