Monday, October 8, 2012

HEMP Comes to the New World

Happie Columbus Day America~ Thank you Christopher Columbus!!!

In 1492, Christopher Columbus brought Cannibis Sativa to America.

HistoryChristopher Columbus, Discoverer of the New World: Avid Cannabis User

Christopher Columbus, Discoverer of the New World: Avid Cannabis User

Christopher Columbus
The Spanish and Portuguese well understood the medicinal miracles of marijuana, the same that Americans are just really beginning to fight for. In 1492, a small fleet of vessels was commissioned to set sail in search of the prosperous New World that lied many, many moons across the violent and unknown realms of the vast ocean. With crude navigational charts and instruments, Christopher Columbus headed up the fleet's command and bravely took on the job.
What many Americans fail to realize is that Columbus and Crew had their vessels quite well stocked with marijuana - and not just enough for the trip to the New World; enough to last them until they arrived, planted and harvested their own. You see, life on the ocean is no joke. It leaves no room for the weak, confused or fearful. The bold life of a sailor, especially a sailor in 1492, was and is a journey that embraces elements and realities that most would cower from. Columbus and the boys knew what was up. They understood that a little marijuana would help them to conquer their brutal days and emerge victorious.
The crews of the Armada were no strangers to the pleasures and relaxation qualities of medicinal cannabis. They understood that smoking a doob helped to keep life interesting, pain-free and hopeful. Hell, for all they knew, they were about to drop of the edge, meet a deep sea monster, come under attack from savages or just die of exposure. Is it any wonder why they wanted to party a bit?
It just goes to show that the worldwide usage and enjoyment of cannabis has been going strong for a very long time. The United States government still continues to deny tens of millions of its people what they want: a medicinally-effective, side effect-free, natural drug that truly helps them to feel better every day. encourages all Americans to put pressure of their elected leaders to stop the maddening (and completely ineffective) measures to stop the people from exercising their rights as natural human beings to benefit from cannabis.

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