Friday, October 12, 2012

US dependence on foreign oil: Ideas for lessening it

           by John Worthington
    Created on: March 12, 2008

The truth is America has been able to reduce its dependence on foreign oil for centuries,but the petroleum industries,and other de jure monopolies have paid congress to take out the competition.
Industrial cannabis is the only sustainable fuel source that is able to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.However,the de jure monopolies that feared the industrial cannabis industries,have paid the congress to take out their only competition.
In 4 months you can grow enough industrial cannabis on one acre,to make about 1000 gallons of fuel at a cost of 36 cents a gallon.This cleaner burning fuel not only eliminates our dependence on foreign oil,it is better for our environment.Henry Ford made a car out of hemp that ran on hemp,because it was a sustainable fuel source.
The de jure monopolies are taking advantage of the market effects of foreign oil that drive up profits,while our government obliges.
America could have converted to cannabis fuel in the 50's,and prevented shortages,price gouging,and damage to the environment caused by sulfur and carbon emissions.America has chosen to allow itself to be bribed by the de jure monopolies to take out the only sustainable clean fuel source available right now.
America has chosen profits over the consumer,and the environment.The petroleum industry is dirty from top to bottom. The de jure monopolies have effectively locked America into a dirty fuel monopoly that has arranged to eliminate its only competition ,to create a government granted monopoly.
Not only has America locked consumers into a dependence on foreign oil,it has locked out the only sustainable fuel source capable of eliminating our dependence on foreign oil.We should not be waiting for the necessary scientific advancements that will enable timber or corn to be sustainable.We should be converting to industrial cannabis now to not only reduce our dependence on foreign oil ,but to eliminate or reduce the harmful emissions of sulfur and carbon as well.
Instead of copping out on social engineering strategies that will restrict our personal travel habits,and our housing preferences,we should be converting to a cleaner fuel,that can be made right here at home.This new domestic industry can help promote or restore the timber,farming,and manufacturing industries in America.
The solution to reducing or even eliminating America's dependence on foreign oil has been there for centuries.we need to break the de jure monopolies stranglehold,and demand that the only current sustainable fuel source besides fossil fuel,be allowed to enter the market place.
America must end the prohibition against the only sustainable fuel source available right now.
America must end the Prohibition against industrial cannabis.

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