Friday, October 12, 2012

Wake Up, and Smell the Flowers


Has anyone seen the Medical Marijuana map? 16 States + Washington D.C. (17)

In the Government's own front yard right!!! The Government keeps saying NO, but Americans are saying YES!!! Just look at the map. Look and see what "THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA" are Doing, it's Happening People. Clinics are opening up with out Government Monies, people are paying without insurance benifits, and the government is able to profit from taxes? Hmm.. interesting....
Bottom line is that people have the right to choose... that's how America was built, the People and their Right's!!! More States are considering!!!

2011 United States Marijuana Laws by State | American Pot Policy

————- State with legal medical marijuana
————- State with decriminalized marijuana possession laws
————- State with both medical and decriminalization laws

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