Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hemp Healthy Cooking Author Derek Cross

Hemp Raisin Oatmeal Cookies!
Orange Mango Hemp Smoothie
Have you included Nutritional Hemp into Your Diet?
Derek Cross is a native of Chicago who has traveled the country and found his calling and happiness in Texas. Derek stems from a blended family, and has seeded 5 of his own children, including 2 flowering grandchildren. Derek's love for his wife has never stopped blooming. Derek served as a machinist mate in the U.S. Navy and owned his own electrical contracting company in Wisconsin, before he settled in Texas.
Derek is the author of a new series of cookbooks titled Hemp Healthy Cooking. He was inspired to write the series after seeing the results of hemp's healing benefits first hand. While suffering from eczema and also nerve damage following surgery, Derek was looking for a non-pharmaceutical way to heal himself when he stumbled across an old remedy, hemp seed oil to treat eczema. Derek noticed his eczema had gone away after applications of the hemp oil, so in doing further research, Derek found that hemp contains a lot more health benefits than just the ability to treat eczema. After using hemp oil daily on his skin, Derek started eating the hemp seeds straight from the bag, and was searching for a way to incorporate hemp seeds and hemp oil into his diet to benefit from the omega fatty acids, and enzymes he was reading about. Inspired by a dear friend, who is a gourmet chef, he started cooking with hemp more. He was busy taking notes while in the kitchen, turning out fantastic recipes with hemp seeds and oil. Hemp has become his way of life, and creating hip and trendy recipes everyone can enjoy is his passion. His cookbooks can be found at
Derek has been spreading Hemp not only on his toast with Honey and Hemp Butter, but has also been spreading Hemp Education to every one he meets, Derek is a Hemp advocate on all fronts, Nutritional, Industrial and Medicinal. He calls himself a "Hemp O' Holic," not only is he busy writing a series of Hemp Healthy Cookbooks, he is also the author of Derek is also an active member of DFW NORML

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  1. Wow! What an interesting read. I'll definitely keep an eye on your recipe's. :)
    And so many more credentials to add to your name Derek...definitely moving forward! :)