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Referendums On Medical Marijuana And Hemp - US Virgin Islands

Wednesday, 22 August 2012
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Referendums On Medical Marijuana And Hemp - US Virgin Islands

Contact: Linda Adler
Executive Director, USVI NORML
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St. Thomas, USVI:
USVI NORML congratulates Senator Terrance Nelson on his bold move in seeking to place referendums on the November 2012 ballot regarding medical marijuana and hemp. This follows three diligent years of work by USVI NORML in educating the people and running a citizen's initiative for full legalization of marijuana in 2009/2010. Senator Nelson deserves much gratitude and praise by the many people who have been seeking relief that legalizing both medical marijuana and hemp offer.
USVI NORML and The Green Party of the Virgin Islands join in fully supporting Senator Terrance "Positive" Nelson as he brings forth legislation to put two (2) referendums on the November 2012 Ballot. The first, Bill 29-0349, is a referendum that seeks to put forth the question "Are you in favor of the Legislature enacting legislation that allows for the licensing and regulation of medicinal marijuana patients, care-givers, cultivators and distributions centers?" The second, Bill 29-0350's referendum question currently reads "Are you in favor of promoting the production, processing, manufacture and distribution of industrial hemp in the Virgin Islands?"
Both of these referendums will impact the personal lives of the people. The first will allow patients to choose their type of medication. Rather than being forced to take pharmaceuticals, they would have the choice to use plant-based medicines without legal repercussions. The second would allow for industrial hemp to be grown, harvested, manufactured and sold/exported. Both of these bills, if passed, offer to increase the job market, bring about manufacturing and distribution facilities, boost (medical) tourism, encourage private business ownership, and revitalize the agricultural industry in the United States Virgin Islands. The passing of Bill 29-0349 will also assist in making the USVI a prime destination for tourists from the (currently) eighteen (18) United States and District of Columbia which have legalized Medical Marijuana.
While USVI NORML and The Green Party of the Virgin Islands diligently continue to advocate for full legalization of marijuana, we will actively support and assist in efforts to educate the public regarding medical uses of marijuana and the positive future that industrial hemp offers. Hemp Can Save the Planet!
The public's input and questions are vital to the success of these referendums being passed on November 6, 2012. As we continue our work in educating the public to the facts of marijuana for medical use and of Hemp, we look forward to working very closely with Senator Nelson's team. Educational efforts will include bringing town-hall style meetings in order to dialog with the people; teaching the facts about marijuana and hemp; and answering questions the public have regarding the bills being considered.
Together and separately, USVI NORML and The Green Party of the Virgin Islands are also advocating for changes that will bring the US Virgin Islands into the Green Technology era. We fully support and will join efforts to turn the US Virgin Islands into THE desired location for cutting-edge medical research.
At least 18 of the United States of America (including DC) have legalized medical marijuana. Fifteen (15) countries have some form of legalization or decriminalization of marijuana. These countries include Australia, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Chile, Spain, and Italy. Uruguay is currently asking Parliament to approve an unprecedented law allowing the legalization of marijuana with the government being the only legal seller. While it remains illegal in some countries, there is tolerance for marijuana's use as adjunctive medical treatment and for religious ceremonies.
"The time is past due for the US Virgin Islands to bring about changes to the laws regarding marijuana. The people have been subjected to suffering far too long – both medically and financially. The time is ripe to bring about these changes. USVI NORML supports Senator Nelson and the Legislature of the Virgin Islands in their remarkable move to put these referendums out to the people." states Linda Adler, Executive Director of USVI NORML.
For additional information or to support this effort, contact Linda Adler at or 360-556-6854 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 360-556-6854 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Visit USVI NORML's website at

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