Sunday, September 28, 2014

Imagine a Home that Pays for Itself, Grows Food for You, Heats and Cools Itself Through Convection, and Supplies You Comfort and Safety.

What is Hemp Adobe?

Hemp Adobe is a Proprietary Mix of  - Hemp Adobe Brick Home Interior View- Family Room of HouseRefractories, Mineral Dust, Natural Fibers, Sand and Water.

The advantage to using this mix is there
is no toxic off-gas from casting the materials into the finished product.  Its primary function is to gather, or sequester carbon dioxide from the environment as a part of the curing process and then forming to a petrified state.
Hemp Adobe can be engineered to any volume of space, and into any shape desired. Hemp Adobe is 60% of the weight of conventional concrete. The strength of this material eliminates the need for rebar reinforcement.
Basalt  is another of Hemp Adobe’s base materials of choices, as spalling or corrosion does not occur, because of the inclusion of basalt.
The Material Mix is highly efficient, a natural insulator, and allows for thermal exchange.

hemp adobe house south viewHemp is a Natural Biocide.

Mold growth, and insects are are negated due to hemp’s innate qualities as it functions as a natural biocide.

The Hemp Adobe Homes team is committed to making a contribution to society and mankind as a whole, our team has devised a new building material that resonates with generations of folk. Hemp, as the times are changing, is now seen as, and always has been known for a superior building material. Adobe has been part of ancient structural design since the building of the pyramids.  The marriage of technologies, utilizing forms created by current composites technologies, brings forward a new concept in building construction. Our design consists of pouring the Hemp Adobe material into molds and precast them in a way that makes the buildings lighter and stronger than conventional stick frame or concrete construction.
Hemp Adobe Homes utilizes full panel construction as a means to ship direct to the building site and a new way to erect whole structures in hours and days, rather than weeks and months.   
Our technique and unique wall design naturally brings the insulation value up to R-80.  The flexibility of our Hemp Adobe Homes and Structures creates the ability to design without limitations of sizes or shapes of the building or structure.
Orthogonal and rectilinear buildings are a thing of the past.  Corners are out!  A home can truly be a work of art. We can build with the environment and harmonize with the surroundings in nature. It’s called Organic Architecture.


Where We Are Going

Hemp Adobe Homes is all about sustainability issues.

We want what is natural to all humans, to have clean air to breathe, to eat organic food, drink clean water and to have a sense of belonging to our families and communities. Hemp Adobe Homes came together with a clear goal in mind. Since we all were very involved in sustainability issues for years, and have colleagues in North America and abroad, it was only natural that we would choose something that we all found of common interest.
hemp adobe house group of six from south
A building material that would be fast in curing and robust on many levels to build structures from, in a way of manufacturing panelized homes to supply the needs of human shelters. To lessen the footprint caused by conventional construction methods and means. To supply within the home an autonomic function of food growing capabilities, which in turn will supply clean air, heating, and cooling by thermal convection. The home then becomes a living structure.
Allow your conscience to relax and your spirit will follow!

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  1. Keep the Faith this might come to fruition